• Ivor Gurney

WarSongs 19:14 – 19:18

The WarSongs 19:14 – 19:18 is a heritage and music project that celebrates the poetry of the Gloucester born World War 1 war poet Ivor Gurney.

In 2014 and 2015, Leo Saunders and George Moorey, a music production partnership based at Gloucester Guildhall in the UK received a small grant from Heritage Lottery Fund to create a “Then & Now” project to inspire young people to learn and get involved with heritage.

The concept of the project was to create two performance pieces of music, the first 19 minutes, 14 seconds long and the second 19 minutes, 18 seconds long and to weave into this music a selection of poetry written by Gurney.

After months of research, writing, workshops and recording music the project’s grand finale event was a unique one-off performance at Gloucester Guildhall in March 2015 by an eclectic and large music group that included over 100 different musicians and singers from Heron Primary School, The Crypt Grammar School, Sine Nomine Youth Choir with members of the North Cotswold Youth Wind Band and a group of local professional and semi-professional contemporary/pop/rock genre musicians.

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