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  • Ivor Gurney's recovery
    Ivor Gurney's recovery: By MICHAEL CAINES As I mention in the latest episode of TLS Voices (embedded above), the Gloucester-born Ivor Gurney is an odd case among the war poets… His first collection, Severn and Somme, appeared in 1917, while he was still a private with the Gloucesters, and the TLS, among other papers, welcomed […]
  • The soldier poets | TLS
    The soldier poets | TLS
  • We’re not yet ready to share our ideas sonically, so in...
    We’re not yet ready to share our ideas sonically, so in the meantime here’s a clip of random tuning and soundchecking noise from The Crypt School orchestra
  • School visits update
    Last friday (7th November 2014) Leo and I visited The Crypt School for an orchestra workshop based on parts of our work in progress pieces of music we have been writing.  I had sent Mr Hiscox recordings of our efforts and Mr Bennett had listened to these and created rough scores for the student orchestra. […]
  • Butterworth & Gurney - Songs of war and suffering
    Butterworth & Gurney - Songs of war and suffering: 1. Severn Meadows (1917) Ivor Gurney words by Ivor Gurney 2. The lads in their hundreds (1911) (1:47)George Butterworth. Words by AE Hausman Christopher Malt… Severn Meadows is the opening passage of our 1914 piece, which is still being written.  The first song on this youtube […]
  • While I write this I'm listening to.....
    A Gloucestershire Rhapsody Sleep Orpheus In Flanders ffawel i langyfelach Lon - leo showed me a traditional arrangement of this as he wants to include something along the lines of the chorus hook - i found this welsh pop folk band’s version
  • Quick update
    The little pockets of time I get between my other work for WarSongs have been used productively this week.  Over the weekend I began to sketch out some musical doodles moving from my piano (where I write) to my computer (where I am able to record demos) and then when I had enough doodles stitch […]
  • Working With Schools
    Yesterday I visited Heron Primary School in the morning to talk with Analise, the music teacher, and The Crypt School in the afternoon with Leo to talk with Ian, the Director of Music, and Mark, who is Head of English and also teaches music. At Heron we’re planning to organise two workshops for each of […]
  • Quick field recording of Ivor Gurney’s piano
    Quick field recording of Ivor Gurney’s piano
  • In search of Ivor Gurney
    Today Leo and I took a walk around the city to visit the County Archives and each of the museums. At the folk museum we were shown “Ivor Gurney’s Piano”.   It’s on loan from Twigworth Church (where he was buried).  The piano didn’t actually belong to Ivor Gurney, but he did play it very […]
  • Leo (above) approached me with an idea for a music project to do...
    Leo (above) approached me with an idea for a music project to do with World War 1 a week or so before Heritage Lottery Fund’s deadline for centenary project funding applications.  We discussed it then he and his wife put together the main ideas, I put together a budget and approached Sarah Gilbert at the […]